Contract Bot

Contract bot is the fastest bot at the moment it snipes the launch with the contract instead of your wallet (contract with the contract)that will be the make your sniper faster than everyone else

Contract Bot

The contract bot is the fastest bot at the moment as it snipes the launch with the contract instead of your wallet (contract with the contract), which makes your sniper faster than anyone else. The Contract Bot is a tool used to buy cryptocurrencies/tokens faster than a Sniper Bot. Unlike Sniper Bot, the Contract Bot works on a contract to contract model, which means it automatically connects to the wallet to deploy the contract.

The advanced algorithm of the Contract Bot helps to purchase the token immediately after it gets launched in the market at the lowest price. This helps traders to get the transactions done at the rock-bottom price.

The great thing about this bot is that it has a Mempool function that automatically detects any pending transactions in the blockchain. It also allows the users to buy the tokens from various trading platforms, such as PancakeSwap – PantherSwap – BakerySwap – BiSwap (BNB), QuickSwap (MATIC) KuSwap (KCS), KoffeeSwap – UniSwap – SushiSwap(ETH), CherrySwap (Okex chain), Pangolin – Traderjoe (AVAX), SpookySwap – SpiritSwap (Fantom). However, if you are a new trader or facing any issues, you must buy a Contract Bot from

Features Of Contract Bot

  • Mempool Function
  • Deploy Contract
  • Easy Dex Selection
  • Do Multiple Transaction
  • Check Latency
  • Confirm Trading Status
  • Force Buy & Sell
  • Honeypot/Rug Pull Checker
  • Clipboard Buy
  • Check Trading Fee

Advantages Of Contract Bot

The Contract Bot uses the latest technology that helps in buying the token at the earliest. This lets the traders invest their precious time on other major things in trading. The users can maximize their profits by buying this bot from us and start trading smartly. One of the best advantages of using this is that a person with zero technical or programming language skills can start trading without any hassles.

  • Simple to use
  • Mempool function for detecting pending trades
  • Efficient risk management
  • Complete transparency

Why Choose a Contract Bot?

With this, you can buy digital currencies in a very secure way. Also, the Contract Bot ensures purchasing the token just after it enters the crypto market so that you get potential benefits. So, here are some of the top reasons why you need to use a Contract Bot for trading in the crypto market.

  • Most convenient and easy way to buy digital currencies anytime.
  • Traders enjoy fat profit by comparing traditional methods of trading.
  • Helps send pool coins to contract using pay coin.
  • The Contract Bot uses an advanced algorithm that helps buy the most beneficial currency for you.
  • Look for the price advantage discrepancies over the exchange.
  • The bot also allows users to modify the trading parameters with ease.
  • Users get the regular update over the telegram.

Now, it starts trading today and gets the most profitable currency with this Contract Bot than other traders. So, sit back and earn the profit while enjoying your coffee.

Features of Contract Bot

Deploy Contract

You can deploy contract with one click for specific chain and dex

Easy Dex Selection

It allows the users to choose the dex from the drop-down menu.

Do multiple transactions

Through the help of the Contract bot, the users can do multiple transactions in a block.

Confirm Trading Status

The users can easily check the trading status, whether close or open.

Honeypot/Rug pull Checker

Feature 21. When enabled, the token contract will be checked. The purchase will be made only if the token is not a HONEYPOT and only if trading is enabled.In case the trading is disabled, the bot will go into a loop. Will buy as soon as trading is enabled .