Presale Bot (Dxsale Bot/Pinksale Bot)

Presale Bot is a well-programmed tool that purchases a token during the DXsale/Pinksale. Therefore, before the sale gets announced publicly, the users can purchase the token through the presale bot. In case if there is a sale on any particular digital currency, the users can buy the token prior to the sales being publicly revealed. 

DXsale/Pinksale is a decentralized platform where numerous tokens are listed. However, sometimes owners are busy and fail to perform their research. Therefore, the dxsale bot purchases the token automatically before the sale ends. Furthermore, with the help of the presale bot, it gets easy for all users to make a profit-making decision. is one such platform that provides various trading tools, among which the presale tool is the one that lets the user purchase tokens while the DXsale/Pinksale is going on. Moreover, through the help of the bot, the users can access the presale and avail great benefits.

Features of the DX Sale Bot

A dxsale sniper bot is an automated trading tool that buys the tokens in advance before the deal gets closed. It’s an easy-to-use tool through which users can purchase tokens before the price goes up. It is an entirely legal tool that can be used anywhere globally however, for a more in-depth understanding of the dxsale bot, look at the following features.


  • The presale bot features multi-wallet support, which means that the users can snipe with 5 wallets simultaneously.
  • Note: Make sure that the first wallet holds an AVIDP token.
  • After the presale ends, it will auto claim the tokens in the user’s wallet and gather all the tokens over 5 wallets to wallet 1 if the user wants.

Auto approve the token for all the wallets


Currently supported BNB, ETH, MATIC, KC and AVA.

Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Pancakeswap V2, Uniswap V2, Bakeryswap, Quickswap, Koffeeswap, and Pangolin


Presale bot



both bot (sniping &presale)



Sniping bot



Why Choose Presale Bot?

Presale bot is one such tool that allows the users to invest and purchase a token in advance before the sale ends-up. With the help of this tool, the users can trade without putting much effort and take the exclusive benefits of online trading. Furthermore, below provided are the reasons to choose a presale bot for trading.

24*7 Accessible

  • In addition to being a crypto trading bot, it is also one of the best because it enables users to trade at any time of the day or night. However, once the owner sets the requisites, the dxsale sniper bot will purchase the token before the sale gets finished.

Control the portfolio

  • It allows users to easily manage their portfolios, check their balance, and track their current status.

Trades Automatically

  • One of the significant reasons users choose a presale bot is that it makes the purchase itself. Therefore, the users will have to feed the details at once, and the next time, it will purchase the token automatically before the sale ends-up.