DevBot (Market Maker Bot)

Market Maker Bot is mainly used by project dev in order to maintain their token volume (buy at every second to maintain graph) and keep the price look good.

Devbot is also named “Market Maker Bot” that provides liquidity to exchange by buying and selling orders on the order book. A market taker uses (takes) this liquidity when their buy or sell orders are filled.

The market making bot (DevBot) is majorly used to maintain the token volume and keep the price looks good. Therefore, when the token volume gets up, the price reflected would be fairly good. The role of Devbot is to place buy and sell limit orders on the order book adding liquidity to the market. This procedure makes it easy that traders can easily buy and sell the token at any time.

Every exchange always has both market makers and market takers. Mainly, the fees are higher for market takers, as they take liquidity out of the exchange, whereas fees are lower if you provide liquidity to exchange in the form of market-making. And that commission is what we use to our advantage.

Market-making is a powerful strategy that enables individuals to trade high volumes even with a lesser balance, improved ROI, and liquidity to any trading pair. In other words, it is a digital currency trading strategy in which the makers take benefits from regularly buying low and selling high at tight spreads.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Devbot (Market Maker Bot)

While looking for a crypto trading bot suitable for market-making, consider the following factors described below:

Customization: Make sure that the market-making bot has a customization feature enabling you to make changes to execute the strategies effectively.

Security: Trading bots with security breaches or lacking basic features should be avoided.

Price: Once the crypto trading bot’s price goes beyond the current capital, it’s not worth it to invest. So, choose the bot that aligns together with the budget limits better.

Features: It is always great if the trading bot is laden with features, so take complete care if the bot lacks a user-friendly interface or stop-loss orders.

Features of Market Making Bot (DevBot)

Market Maker bot is a one-stop fast, and reliable source of online trading through which the users can earn money from various digital currencies such as “Bitcoin,” “Ethereum,” “Litecoin,” and much more. In addition to this, it has a simple and easy dashboard with the latest and advanced features. So, to get more familiar with the DevBot, check out the features mentioned below:


Create an unlimited amount of wallets to buy and sell a certain token with every X seconds (interval and tradeamount can be randomized)

Buy or sell only when a certain price is hit

Buy and sell with all wallets at once (at different interval rates) or one after another


Buy or sell only when it has been a set time since there has been a transaction

Send bnb/eth/… to all created wallets from 1 wallet till they have a certain amount of coins

Send the bnb from all wallets back to wallet 1

Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Pancakeswap v1 (BSC)
Pancakeswap v2
Uniswap v2 (ETH)
Uniswap v3 (ETH)
Pangolin (AVAX)
Quickswap (Matic)
Sushiswap (All)
Pantherswap (BNB)
Koffeeswap (KCS)
Cherryswap (OKT)
Apeswap (All)
Viralata (BNB)
Traderjoe (AVAX)
Kuswap (KCS)
BiSwap (BSC)
Uniswap (ABT)


Presale bot



Devbot (Market Maker)



Sniping bot