Here’s a answers to your most common questions.

How to setup the bot?

1. Open the zip, and move the contents to a folder

  1. Right click on and click ‘Open with..’→Notepad -Click on choose another app if Notepad is not an option

  2. Add your ethereum/bsc address and personal key at the bottom of the file between the quotation marks('').

my_address = ''

my_pk = ''

How to setup bot-

How to get Private key?

You can get the private key by following this guide: anAccount-Private-Key

Demo version is tradable or not?

The demo does not actually buy or sell, it only tells the user when it would have bought or sold if it was the full version. Its more so ppl can see how fast the bot is and learn how the settings work. The full bot just does what the demo bot showcases, it buys,sells, approves and utilizes all the options that you see

Will you provide source code with file?

Cant give source codes sorry, many people are trying to resell, and there are alot of scammers using aviddots name

Best thing you can do is use a new address, maybe on a VM and maybe wireshark the process if you know what that is

Why the bot are responding slow?

Maybe your latency with the server was very high, making your snipes slower. If this is the case, please get a premium Node or increase slippage. Disable the setting ‘Buy when price is lower than’ can also help.

In case you are not using quiknode or another ‘premium’ node: I have the some problems with quiknode, it sometimes seems like they cache the hole bsc network and just provide you the same info over and over

What is Gwei and Max gas and why does it matter?

Calculation for the total transaction fee’s is : transaction fee in bnb= (gwei* gas)* 0.000000001

GWEI is the number that tells the network, when it gets multiple requests at once, which request it should process first. GWEI is the multifier of the max gas.

Max gas is just a max, it doesnt need to be spent
Max gas should be kept at 1.5 Million, at this is the number where no trades fail at

Does the bot only buy or also sell the tokens?

The bot can buy and sell the tokens based on the input / amount you configure it to.