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Who We Are?

Aviddot is a one-stop shop that enables you to manage all crypto trade assets through various trading bots easily. You can choose the specific bot to trade on multiple exchanges and maximize profit with minimal effort. You can purchase the bot as per your requirements for an enhanced trading experience. Through aviddot, trading to several exchanges is possible, and you can add as many as wallets you want. Whether you are a beginner, professional, or enterprise, you can choose the bot of your choice and can begin trading on different exchanges.

Our Featured Bot

All of our powerful trading bots let you trade on various exchanges without coding or trading skills required, thus making it simple to build trading strategies. You can easily check all of your assets in each exchange and wallet in an easy manner. Through the latest and advanced trading features, you can easily monitor the price movement of the exchange.


The sniping bot is a tool that enables the users to buy the token/digital currencies as fast as possible during the fair launches. In addition to this, it sells the token/digital currency automatically at a targeted price that any other trading bot cannot do.


The presale bot is a trading tool which aims to snipe the presale on the dxsale/pinksale prior to the token/currency getting launched publically. Before the official released gets announced, it automatically snipe on the official website, i.e., dxsale and pinksale making it easy for the user to purchase the token/currency.


The Devbot is also known as the Market Maker Bot that provides the exchange with liquidity by buying and selling on their order book. Market takers then use (take) this liquidity to execute their own buy and sell orders.

why choose our bot?

Our bots are highly customizable, and you can set the algorithm based on the long or short-term investment plans. Our bots provide an easy and intuitive way to trade with simple account creation and help you refine your trading strategies for better trading results. Moreover, all bots are built with keeping all aspects in mind, making trading simpler and more manageable. Here are some of the potential reasons why you should choose our bot.

Multiple Network supported

Our bots support multiple networks such as BNB, ETH, MATIC, KCS, OKEX, AND AVAX.

GUI based bot

The GUI of our bots is easy to understand and allows the users to trade easily and keep a record of their wallets.


All of our bots support WINDOWS, LINUX, AND MACOS operating systems.


After the user purchases the bot from our platform, they get updated information about the bot on telegram.

- There is also a Premium group to discuss best strategies and settings to get profitable snipe ( you'll be added after purchase )