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A sniping bot is a tool used to purchase tokens/digital currencies through various trading platforms online. With the advancement of technology, purchasing digital currencies has become more accessible through the sniping bot. It is an easy, fast, convenient, and reliable source of purchasing different currencies/tokens. A well-programmed bot purchases the tokens/currencies once the user feeds the trading requirements.

The sniper bot gets updated regularly to make the trading process more manageable and straightforward. Moreover, sniping bots enable users to buy the newly added token/cryptocurrencies. However, users facing difficulties purchasing and selling the token should prefer using the sniping bots.

Additionally, the sniper bot provides “Multi-Dexs” support through which users can purchase tokens from various trading platforms such as PancakeSwap – PantherSwap – BakerySwap – BiSwap (BNB), QuickSwap (MATIC), KoffeeSwap – KuSwap (KCS), UniSwap – SushiSwap(ETH), CherrySwap (Okex chain), Pangolin – Traderjoe (AVAX), SpookySwap – SpiritSwap (Fantom). However, users interested in trading and must buy sniping bot from

Features of Sniping Bot

The sniping tool is easy to use, allowing the users to purchase their desired token in zero seconds. It is legal to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus, go through the following features discussed below to get more familiar with the sniper bot.



first GUI bot with mempool functionality, Buy on first block with mempool method.

Add as many wallets you want to make snipe with.

You can add any Ethereum Based Dex as well as Testnet to check the bot by your own.

You can add custom MethoId or functions names for checking liquidity transaction, for trading paused transaction.

When you are sniping on mempool the gwei will be automated you don’t need to set gwei manually.

Bot will only buy if the transaction fee/Tax will be lower than set.

Now you can set a bot in order to buy and sell at a particular price for example buy at $1 and sell at $1.5 repeatedly.

The purchase will be made only if the token is not a HONEYPOT and only if trading is enabled.In case the trading is disabled, the bot will go into a loop. Will buy as soon as trading is enabled .

Through the help of the sniper bots, the users can do multiple transactions in a block.


The users can easily check the trading status, whether close or open.

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there is lot of features in in our sniping bot for more info you can contact me on telegram @aviddotsupports

Advantages of Sniper Bot

The sniper bot automates trades for the users to invest their time in other things. Therefore, the users can buy sniping bot from to start trading quickly and efficiently. Along with this, it is easy to use and does not require any programming knowledge. So, trade between different crypto exchanges through the dxsale bot and save your time.

  • Easy to use
  • Risk Management
  • Transparency




Why choose our Sniper Bot?

A Sniper bot is a tool that automatically trades a given token over the network without the need to use the typical transactional methods. It automatically purchases the token without any ado as it directly interacts with the various platforms, allowing for a safer, more efficient transaction. Moreover, by using the sniping bots, the user would likely buy trades at the top and won’t miss out on potential gains. So, let’s look over the reasons for owning a sniper bot.

  • A faster, convenient, and straightforward way of buying token/digital currencies.
  • Users can enjoy higher profits compared to the traditional buying methods.
  • It allows the users to modify and set the trading parameters.
  • Allows the users to do multiple buys within seconds.
  • The sniper bot automatically purchases the token that would be beneficial in your future.
  • The user gets regular updates over the telegram.

So, test your trading skills with our sniping bot and be the best trader among thousands of traders. Moreover, submit the trades safely in a virtual environment and prevent yourself from risking your money. Furthermore, Sit back and relax while the sniping bot does the wonder!